Jade Stanton, B.A.

Jade Stanton, B.A.

Mental Health Coach

Borderline Personality Disorder can cause unbearable suffering. 

What you may NOT know is that people can and do recover and lead fulfilling lives.

If you are tired of the emotional chaos and the cycle of suffering, don’t give up hope. You are right where you need to be. I can take you step-by-step through the process that brought me through my battle with BPD.

How I Can Help You 

I use concepts derived from mental health experts, years spent researching and studying scientific literature in psychology-related fields, and the input and feedback gathered from tens of thousands of men and women with mental health struggles from all over the world, to coach my clients into and through their recovery journey.  But the things my clients like the best is that I’ve been where most of you have been and I know how desperate you are to change.

I will help you build your self-worth, self-identity, self-confidence, and self-love.  You will learn ways to improve and maintain your relationships and control your reactions in emotional situations.   You can begin to forgive yourself and let go of self-hatred.  

You don’t have to walk this path alone.  If you are ready to live a better life, there’s a spot waiting just for you. 


Call or chat sessions, crisis calls, and online access to homework assignments made just for you


Helping loved ones to understand and participate in the recovery process


Social support from other mental health warriors in the fight for recovery


How Coaching is Different


I just can’t say it enough; coaching is not treatment or therapy.  Psychiatrists, therapists, doctors… they are a vital part of the recovery process and I encourage ALL my clients to have a qualified treatment team overseeing your mental health.  I will even help you find someone in your area!  

But coaching is not the same as treatment.  It’s more like a perfect addition to treatment.  Coaching is there to walk the steps with you, to encourage you on the hard days, to push you when you don’t want to get out of bed.

With coaching, you are setting and achieving goals, not healing a medical problem or processing a difficult past. Coaching can help you GET to those therapy and doctors’ appointments to help you heal, but we aren’t treating an illness.  We are learning to build a lifestyle. 







BPD Coaching

  • Peer-support in times of crisis
  • DBT-inspired skills coaching
  • Latest news and research on BPD
  • Connections to support networks
  • Advocacy, education, and outreach

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