If you’ve tried to get help before but your emotions keep taking over the wheel, BPD Balance has an alternative program to fit your specific needs.

We offer one-on-one virtual mental health coaching that you can access anywhere in the world regardless of your location, as well as personal and group consulting, support groups, and family education services. We work with our clients to create an affordable, individualized program to assist them and their loved ones in learning about their diagnoses and practicing new ways to react and cope so life can once again become an exciting, enjoyable, and welcome experience.


Jade is experienced and knows a lot about BPD & mental illness. She is a great listener and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others. Highly recommend!!

Known jade for many years and the support and time she has given to help in my own development as well as experiencing her own things and handling everything shows such great commitment. Hope to continue all the fantastic work and support into the future for everyone.

How We Can Help

Many problems with emotional imbalances are so painful or difficult to overcome that we require more than an occasional visit with someone to get the help we desperately need. When in crisis, we need someone we can reach out to immediately for help and guidance.

We offer our clients around-the-clock support that includes virtual sessions with a live coach who knows how desperate you are for things to be different and has the tools and experience to lead the way. We will help to lighten your burden while we build your new lifestyle together.

Our programs are intended to increase balanced thinking and decrease extreme thought and behavior patterns that are causing distress. This occurs in a context of acceptance and unconditional positive assumptions that our clients are trying their very hardest and have the ability to improve with the right assistance.


Private, confidential programs tailored to meet your specific goals and needs


Programs designed to include family members to foster lasting change and understanding

Support Groups

Structured environments for meeting and interacting with supportive peers

How Our Approach is Different

As medical technology advances, doctors and scientists are starting to see images of brain activity and its relation to mental health issues. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with understandable and up-to-date reports of new medical findings, specifically regarding the brain’s limbic system and how it influences mood, behaviors, and decision-making. Our coaching programs encourage participation in professional medical and therapeutic treatments for mental illness and will assist you in finding qualified clinicians you can trust in your area. We work with you to implement their recommendations and advocate for yourself within the healthcare system, as well as your community.


  • Insight into brain functioning behind Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Crisis help when in distress
  • Mindfulness and interpersonal skill training
  • Regulating fight-or-flight instincts
  • Assertiveness and argument resolution

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