We are launching our brand new Relationship Coaching Group, a ten week program, beginning this month on October 24.  As we reach more women with Borderline Personality Disorder through our coaching programs and advocacy, we have received requests for a focus-specific group on the topic of relationships.  This is something I’m familiar with… before I married my husband we had gotten together and broken up and gotten back together about 20 times.  My BPD had me all lovey-dovey one moment, and packing my bags the next.  Considering my sketchy track record in men previously, this was actually a step up.

As I continued into recovery, my future husband came along for the wild ride.  He had no idea what he was getting himself into.  There were monumental fights, extreme depressed phases, self-injury, and a whole lot of break-ups.  But he knew about my illness, he was willing to stick with me through it all, and he didn’t mistreat me.  So eventually I settled down into recovery and gave in to a happy, stable relationship.

My point is, recovery and relationships go hand-in-hand.  If you’re  on the road to recovery but you’re lonely or heartbroken or just can’t seem to be the person you want to be when you’re with a partner, don’t sweat it.  Mental illness and trauma can really interfere with relationships.  There are ways to break the bad habits so you can build a relationship that is happy, healthy, and supportive…even if you still argue sometimes!

We are going to cover all this and more in our 10-Week Relationship Coaching Group.  Each week we are going to meet on Wednesdays at 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.  For an hour we are going to talk all about self-identity, what we want and how to get it, how to maintain and improve relationships, how to communicate when something’s bothering us, and much, MUCH more!

Register to join us by sending us a Cont act Form right here on our website.  Let us know your name, that you’re interested in the relationship group beginning in October, and let us know if you’d like to pay up front or make weekly payments.  The 10-Week group costs $20.00 USD per person, per week, for a total off $200.00 USD.  We then send you a weekly invoice to your email address and a link to the video call.  When it’s time for our session, you just click the link to call or join through a computer.

If you want to build some new habits, learn how to balance your needs with your partner’s needs, and create a solid foundation for a healthy relationship, please join us.  We power through so much information on these sessions, so make sure to bring a notepad with you!  See you in October, girls!!!!!






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