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Break the cycle of emotional suffering

hello, future mental health queen!

I’m Jade

After years of fighting severe Borderline Personality Disorder depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and self-hatred, I now use the recovery skills that restored my mental health to help women who are searching for a way out of unbearable pain.

  My mission is to change the way we talk and think about mental health, build a daily practice of easy-applied tools and habits for building happiness, and personally walk you step-by-step through the challenges until you can take on life like a mental health QUEEN.

Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness

A beginner's guide to mindfulness couldn't possibly teach you everything you need to know in order to master the art. Yet even a very basic understanding can give you amazing insight into your thoughts and emotions. Here are a few quick steps to get you started. What...

#1 Tip to Stop Self-Injuring

It's not easy to stop self-injuring on your own, but there are a few quick tricks you can use to catch those urges before acting on them. All emotional responses can motivate us to do things, but sometimes these things aren't great for us in the long-run. So how do we...

3 Reasons to Stop Avoiding Painful Feelings

We often avoid painful feelings because... well because they are unpleasant. We numb them with substances or distract with activities or mindlessly scroll through social media. Distracting can help us get through tough times, but as a long-term problem-solving tactic,...

A Tough Day in Recovery

When All You Could Do was Make It Through What a day. Seemed like things began bombarding me and my recovery goals from the moment I woke up. A few times throughout the day I thought to myself, "Why not just quit today; why not just lay down and give up? This is too...

When BPD Leads to Rejection and Abandonment

How we push people away when we have BPD THE BRUTAL TRUTH When BPD leads to abandonment and rejection, you learn quickly. Soon, you fear abandonment by all the people you love, and you start to see abandonment everywhere. To avoid being rejected, you push them away...

Finding Treatment that Works for BPD

FINDING TREATMENT THAT WORKS FOR BPD Before addressing the obstacles we may face DURING the treatment process, we must take a hard look at the difficulties of even finding treatment options.  Those of you who have been through multiple therapeutic attempts will know...

Things to Say to Someone Who is Suicidal

*I will always make time for you*I love you*I care about you*You can talk to me about anything *You can always come to me for any reason *What we talk about stays between us*Is there something I can do for you right now? *Do you want to talk about your feelings?*I can...

5 Areas of Instability in Borderline Personality

A major characteristic of Borderline Personality Disorder is instability in a number of areas, mainly an instability in mood and relationships. There are many other areas of life that are thrown off-balance as well, including one's self-identity, decisions, and...

What I Do

Mental Health Coach

I simplify the steps that get you from being overwhelmed and discontent to capable and confident, so you can manage life’s challenges with ease.  No matter what your goals are for yourself and your family’s mental health, identifying and then assisting you in taking those steps is my primary objective, using the same tools and techniques that allowed me and countless others like me to flow with a life of joy and integrity. 


How Coaching is Different

 I just can’t say it enough; coaching is not treatment or therapy.  Psychiatrists, therapists, doctors… they are a vital part of the recovery process and I encourage ALL my clients to have a qualified treatment team overseeing your mental health.  I will even help you find someone in your area, and regularly partner with clients’ treatment teams.  

But coaching is not the same as treatment.  It’s more like a perfect addition to treatment.  Coaching is there to walk the steps with you, to encourage you on the hard days, to push you when you don’t want to get out of bed.



Coaching Benefits

  • Peer-support in times of crisis
  • DBT-inspired skills coaching
  • Latest research on brain health
  • Connections to support networks
  • Advocacy, education, and outreach

Want to start your recovery journey today?