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Hey bpd babe!

I’m Jade

I am all too familiar with the battle with Borderline Personality Disorder.  After years of fighting severe BPD, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and self-hatred, I now help women who are searching for a way out of unbearable pain using the same skills and techniques that gave me my life back.  My mission is to change the way we talk and think about BPD and mental health, help you find the tools for your recovery, and walk you step-by-step through the journey to being a mental health QUEEN!

How Can Coaching Help? 

With tools derived from Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills,  10 years of experience in research and peer support, and the input and feedback gathered from the thousands of men and women with BPD from all over the world, I coach my clients through their battle through mental health recovery.  But the things my clients appreciate the most about our programs is that I’ve been where most of you have been and I know how desperate you are to change.

I will help you build your self-worth, self-identity, self-confidence, and self-love.  You will learn ways to improve and maintain your relationships and control your reactions in emotional situations.   You can begin to forgive yourself and let go of self-hatred.  Best of all, you will find your true identity and discover a life of purpose and meaning that will carry you on into the future.If you’re ready for the full mental health makeover package, click the button below to contact me and schedule a consultation!


One-on-one coaching programs offering personalized help in  meeting your recovery goals


Helping loved ones to understand and participate with compassion and effectiveness


Meeting and working with other warriors to learn skills in interactive settings


How Coaching is Different

 I just can’t say it enough; coaching is not treatment or therapy.  Psychiatrists, therapists, doctors… they are a vital part of the recovery process and I encourage ALL my clients to have a qualified treatment team overseeing your mental health.  I will even help you find someone in your area, and regularly partner with clients’ treatment teams.  

But coaching is not the same as treatment.  It’s more like a perfect addition to treatment.  Coaching is there to walk the steps with you, to encourage you on the hard days, to push you when you don’t want to get out of bed.



BPD Coaching

  • Peer-support in times of crisis
  • DBT-inspired skills coaching
  • Latest news and research on BPD
  • Connections to support networks
  • Advocacy, education, and outreach


“I am so thankful that I found this program! I am starting into my second year with BPD Balance and my life has never been better. I still have a long way to go, but the difference in the last 6 months is phenomenal. Jade is so helpful and such an inspiration. She really GETS it! She shows you that recovery is possible and that you can have a life worth living! I highly recommend this program (and have to several of my friends) if you struggle with BPD or intense emotions!”

“Extremely nice, patient, loving; she cares about peoples emotions. Very recommended!!!”

“”Jade is very professional, yet compassionate and kind. Her program is very organized and structured to fit your needs. She also explains skills in a very clear and comprehensive way.”

“I searched and luckily found jade and the support group. She personally called me and spent an hour talking to me. helped me understand and validate my feelings. She has a very unique blessing to heal from the perspective of having BPD and a helper of BPD. She is a blessing. I am thankful she is in my path to help.”

Want to start your recovery journey today?