The baby face may have fooled you but I actually turned 32 years old today! So to celebrate my birthday, I thought I’d share some of the intentions I’ve set for myself based on who I am and who I am becoming.

As many of you know, I am diagnosed with some severe mental illnesses. I didn’t expect to survive this long; I fully intended to end my own life.

But with recovery, those intentions have changed dramatically. The difference is night and day. I share these intentions with you to give you hope that if your intentions have been to end your life because of your suffering, things can change. Life can be worth living again.

While I am 32 years old, I intend to:

  1. Be authentically myself, with no apologies
  2. Stand up for what I believe in
  3. Speak kind words to myself
  4. Complain about absolutely nothing
  5. Take more time off for fun and games
  6. Be patient with myself when I’m struggling
  7. Smile more, worry less
  8. Strengthen relationships with genuine people
  9. End relationships that threaten my peace
  10. Appreciate what I have more than what I don’t
  11. Practice gratitude on a daily basis
  12. Feed my body and my soul
  13. Be mindful of others and of myself
  14. Stop making excuses for keeping old habits
  15. Dedicate the time and effort needed to make new habits
  16. Challenge myself with new lessons
  17. Forgive myself for the past
  18. Love myself for who I am today
  19. Be gentle to my body
  20. Dance like nobody’s watching
  21. Sing like no one is listening
  22. Carry myself with confidence
  23. Take ownership for my actions
  24. Keep the bigger picture in mind
  25. Strengthen my boundaries and protect my well-being
  26. Spend more time outside in my bare feet
  27. Live out my inner truth
  28. Celebrate and contribute to the success of others
  29. Say no with strength and conviction
  30. Make no excuses for meeting my needs
  31. Prioritize those who truly value me
  32. Continue my growth with grace

No matter your age, no matter your struggles, it is NEVER too late to make new intentions for yourself and your future.

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