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Mental Health Coaching Programs

Group and One-on-One Packages

group coaching 

Mental Health

Master Class

Group Meetings

The online Mental Health Master Class meets once per week on a Zoom conference call; you have the option to join by video, audio, or chat box.  

What You Will Learn

1. Mindfulness skills – learn how to stop worrying about the future or regretting the past

2. Interpersonal skills – learn how to maintain relationships while also standing up for yourself and asking for your needs

3. Emotion regulation skills – learn how to decrease emotional suffering and process emotions in a healthy way

4. Distress tolerance skills – learn how to create a crisis plan to avoid impulsive or destructive actions


To join our Monday Class, click here:

To join our Thursday Class (best for UK/Europe time zones), click here:


Coaching Programs

What It Includes

Six-month programs with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly coaching sessions by phone or video, as well as access to homework assignments and the ability to contact your coach by text in between sessions for crisis calls.  All programs include access to our Mental Health Master Class!  

mental health coaching

How It Works

Personal Coaching Calls


 Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly coaching calls to fit your busy schedule; plus, extra accountability in between sessions!  You and your coach will work closely together to identify your obstacles and overcome them with applied skills and tools backed by scientific research. 

Targeted Homework Assignments

This is where the real growth happens.  You have specific action steps after each session designed to help you implement the tools and techniques for change.  By putting them into practice, you will build automatic habits that require little effort to perform.

Accountability Support


 Programs include access to your coach by text or email in between coaching sessions.  This allows you to ask questions and troubleshoot obstacles as they occur without having to wait til your next appointment.  On the tough days, this is your lifeline.