Family Coaching

The role family and friends play in one’s recovery success is often overlooked but cannot be overstated.

Spouses, parents, siblings, and friends are frequently caught in the vicious cycle of punishing and rewarding the behaviors associated with mental health issues. Understandably, watching a loved one suffer and feeling helpless or confused about how to respond can be frustrating. The stress of worrying about someone will take its toll over time, especially on relationships between parents and children.

For this reason, we offer 3-month family coaching programs that include 60-minute informative discussions with family and friends of your choosing. You have the option to use video, phone, or online chat, and can include up to 3 other people at a time in your session. Larger meetings are available upon request.

These discussions give others the chance to offer feedback and input in a setting that is refereed by your coach. You will have the ability to practice communication skills and educate loved ones about your illness, as well as teach them ways to respond in a helpful manner as you learn new behaviors and responses. Teaching everyone to recognize positive behavior changes, respond effectively, and understand basic brain functions will build a home environment that fosters lasting change.

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