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Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder is widely misunderstood, and carries with it a level of stigma found only in the most severe psychiatric illnesses.

Misinformation is disseminated widely online and even in educational institutions, and we are seeing the effects. TEN PERCENT of people with BPD will die from suicide.  We are committed to changing this and saving lives through education, advocacy, private coaching, and personal development.

Why BPD Makes It Hard For Me To Accept Help

When loved ones intervened in my self-harm attempts, dysphoria made it hard for me to see or accept the help for what it was.  As they tried to remove the sharp object or called emergency services, I would scream and fight like a wild animal. At that moment I  truly...

Things to Say to Someone Who is Suicidal

*I will always make time for you*I love you*I care about you*You can talk to me about anything *You can always come to me for any reason *What we talk about stays between us*Is there something I can do for you right now? *Do you want to talk about your feelings?*I can...

#1 Tip to Stop Self-Injuring

How to stop self-injuring using Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills to change your nervous system, thoughts, and feelings.

3 Reasons to Stop Avoiding Painful Feelings

We often avoid painful feelings because... well because they are unpleasant. We numb them with substances or distract with activities or mindlessly scroll through social media. Distracting can help us get through tough times, but as a long-term problem-solving tactic,...

5 Areas of Instability in Borderline Personality

A major characteristic of Borderline Personality Disorder is instability in a number of areas, mainly an instability in mood and relationships. There are many other areas of life that are thrown off-balance as well, including one's self-identity, decisions, and...

The importance of 

Community Support

Many of us start recovery without much of a support system.  We may have pushed away friends and loved ones, or never had a close friend group to begin with.  One of the ways I started building that community support for myself was online, and it was a game changer.  Join our Facebook group and start getting community support from people who care!

Free Online Support Groups

 “It is hard to be happy without a life worth living.

This is a fundamental tenet of DBT. Of course, all lives

are worth living in reality. No life is not worth living.

But what is important is that you experience your life as

worth living—one that is satisfying, and one that brings


~Marsha Linehan

What I Do

Mental Health Coach

I simplify the steps that get you from being overwhelmed and discontent to capable and confident, so you can manage daily challenges, using the same tools and techniques that allowed me and countless others like me to flow with a life of joy and integrity. 

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