One-on-One Coaching

Whether you are the one suffering with a mental health issue, are trying to understand and help a loved one, or are looking for a deeper understanding of mental illness on a personal level, our individual coaching packages are tailored to fit your requests.

Packed with educational material, each individual session is a personal dialogue between client and coach, designed to build awareness of symptoms while simultaneously equipping you with the tools you need to respond in ways that increase self-respect instead of negative experiences.

Your personal coach is uniquely skilled in providing a safe, compassionate, empathetic environment that will accept and support you while you practice new ways to meet the goals you want. You can accomplish so much more when you have a helping hand!



Weekly Session Package$400.00 USD per month

Biweekly Session Package – $250.00 USD per month

Monthly Session Package – $150.00 USD per month


Package options differ only in how frequently you would like to meet with your coach. Each coaching session lasts 60 minutes, and you have a choice to use video chat, voice call, online chat, or text. Sessions are broken down into an educational discussion about symptoms and skills, followed by a more personal discussion about individual implementation of the skills taught. The recommended Premium Coaching Package devotes one full session to each discussion.

In between sessions, you will receive relevant assignments by email in the form of journal entries, assessments, handouts, etc. Upon registering, you will be given access to your online coaching tools, where you can complete your assignments and communicate with your coach. You will also receive a mailed package that includes a binder with empty daily sheets, which you will use for mood and goal tracking at home.

Most importantly, you have the ability to contact your personal coach in times of crisis or to ask questions. They are available at a moment’s notice to listen and help however they can, even on nights and weekends.

Lastly, all packages include access to an online support group where you can meet other people who can relate to you. It provides a rare opportunity to practice skills in a safe, controlled environment with the input of a group leader.

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