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group registration is now officially open!!

Mental Health Queens Class

Group Meetings

Groups meet once per week for a total of 18 weeks and can be attended by phone or computer.  Each group session lasts around 45 minutes; group members have the option to interact and answer questions throughout the live video.  

What You'll Learn

Our first Mental Health Queens Class begins on December 15th and will focus on how to maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, and partners.  You will learn tips and tricks others are using to personalize their practice, and get feedback on how to improve and maintain your own progress.


Cost is $10.oo USD per week, for a total of 18 weeks (limited time pricing).


What I Offer

Personal Coaching

 Programs you can access anywhere with phone/video/text coaching to fit your busy schedule.  I will teach you a comprehensive set of skills proven to decrease stress, increase emotional control, improve your relationships, and master the art of inner beauty.

Group Coaching

 Get extra support for your personal program or simply learn some new skills with our Mental Health Queens Class.  We meet every  week with ladies who are excited to welcome you into their tribe, who aren’t afraid to speak their truth and live authentically, and who are working their programs right alongside you.

The Mental Health Makeover Package

Our brand new signature package is a top-to-bottom, inside-out makeover like you’ve never had before.  We start with getting your mind refreshed, re-set, and re-wired to be a habit-changing machine.  Once your foundation is solid and you are thinking like a queen, we expand that skill set to align every aspect of your life with your goals, creating healthy friendships, work environments, home environments, and family dynamics.  We apply mental health skills to every nook and cranny to create a unified lifestyle of peace, fulfillment, and forward progress that lets your inner beauty shine to everyone around you.  

What I Do

Mental Health Habits

I teach mentally worn-out women how to refresh their emotional energy and re-train their brains in ways that make emotions work for them, so they can manage the responsibilities of home, work and family without sacrificing their own mental health. 

"I shan't be lonely now. I was lonely; I was afraid. But the emptiness and the darkness are gone; when I turn back into myself now I'm like a child going at night into a room where there's always a light."

Edith Wharton

"What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality"


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