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  • Mindfulness skills – how to increase attention and focus
  • Interpersonal skills – how to ask for things and say no to unwanted requests
  • Emotion regulation skills – how to change ineffective emotions
  • Distress tolerance skills – how to manage emotional crisis

Jade is amazing. I go to her groups and she explains things so well. She makes me feel welcomed. She is really nice, honest and sweet. Thanks for everything Jade! You changed my life big time

Thank you Jade for making my life a life worth living

Jade is very professional, yet compassionate and kind. Her program is very organized and structured to fit your needs. She also explains skills in a very clear and comprehensivable way.

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Price: $40.00 USD/month

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Dates: Every Monday at 8:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
               Every Thursday at 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)


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